When I created this blog I wanted it to be purely an outlet for me to share the happenings in my life with others all while still being able to practice my writing skills. I never thought that I would possibly even be interested in including writing challenges as well, but here I am and I am so excited for it!

As I was scrolling through my WordPress feed, I came across this challenge and thought how cool it was, especially for someone wanting to improve my writing! Basically, the whole purpose of the challenge is to write about the prompt (given out every Thursday) in exactly 99 words. “No more. No less.” This weeks prompt is to write about a mouse. If you would like more information on the challenge or to join in go here.

Even throughout school, creative writing has always been my biggest obstacle, if I did not have facts to write about I usually would tell myself that I could not do, but with this prompt I found it surprisingly easy to let my creativity flow. While reading through some other people’s posts, I noticed that most were from the point of view of a person who came across a mouse, but I wanted to be unique in mine and write it from the point of view of the mouse:

Quickly I scurry across the dilapidated, plywood floor, covered in dust, careful not to step on the wooden contraptions my brothers and sisters have succumbed to. Last week dad went in search of food, but he did not return. Now it’s up to me to find food to keep the last of my siblings alive. I come around the corner of an old, water damaged box, and that is when I smell it – salty peanut butter; but before I have time to react I hear that ear shattering CLAP as a metal hinge comes crashing down upon me.

I had this idea in my mind of writing from the mouse’s point of view, but once I sat down to try and write it I found myself quite stumped. I found myself so focused on trying to write from the mouse’s perspective that I did not realize to imagine myself as the mouse – where would I be? What would I be doing? What kind of challenges does a mouse fight in life? Once I was able to do this I found it so much easier for the words and ideas to start flowing through my mind and onto the screen. Then I did have the next challenge though of cutting down what I had to just 99 words. It was a lot harder than I had expected because once I started writing there was so much I wanted to say now about this mouse and its life.

I now invite and encourage you to give this challenge a try! Feel free to share yours down below just in the comments, or to even share a link to your blog post (or comment on the Carrot Ranch post) so I can check it out and let me know too your thoughts on the challenge as well! How do you think I did with this prompt?

12 thoughts on “#FLASHFICTIONCHALLENGE – Mouse

  1. You had problems with creative writing? Impossible.
    This is a really great piece. Sweet and funny. And at the end, we feel bad for the mouse, because we got to know her life-story.
    I enjoy doing the 99-words challenge, too. It’s an interesting one. Not only to see where the prompt takes you (it can be so many different directions), but also being able to cut it to such a precise number of words.


  2. Hey Macy, glad you found your way to Carrot Ranch! Thank you for sharing your process, too as I always find it interesting how we overcome obstacles as creative writers. As a business major, this challenge will give you an edge — one, the constraint will teach you to easily write tight copy, and two, it’ll give you the opportunity to practice exactly what you did — exploring other perspectives.

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