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How to Use Free Printables

Free printables are an awesome, budget friendly way to spice up your planner and to stay more organized, but if you are new to the world of printables, creating your own stickers can be intimidating at first! Once you get the hang of it though it is actually super simple and easy, before you know it you will be creating dozens of your very own stickers for just dollars!

There are more simple ways of making your own stickers such as printing them out on regular copy paper, cutting by hand, and gluing them down in your planner. You can also print them on sticker paper (Online Labels offers sample paper if you aren’t sure what kind of paper you think would fit you best) but you can also order them in larger quantities from Amazon and a slightly discounted price, and then cut them by hand. But if neither of these method are for you, and the method I like the best, you can use a cutting machine to make it quicker and easier for you. There are several different brands out there you can use such as Cricut and Silhouette, but I will only be showing you instructions on how to use Silhouette Studio, as that is the one that I am familiar with.

If you have not already go ahead and download the free Silhouette Studio software. I have found that the Silhouette software for me is the easiest software for beginners to work with. There are other paid options of the software you can purchase with more features, but the free version will work fine for what we need it for.

Next, download both files included the dropbox folder that the freebies you are trying to download took you to. If you have not found any printables you want to download yet, you can find all of the ones offered on my blog here. First open the .studio3 file (the name should include “cut file” in it) and open it in Silhouette Studio. Make sure your page a cutting mat setting match the machine you will be using. Next go to Page Setup > Registration Marks > Style and select Type 1. Be sure that your inset is set to the default of 0.625, otherwise it can cause your cut lines to be off.

Then drag and drop the second file into Silhouette Studio. (NOTE: be sure you drag it to an area outside of the cut files so that it does not replace them). This should be be the “.jpg” file, but if it does not say “.jpg” already you will want to go ahead and convert it to a .jpg. Next, resize the file you just dragged in to be 8.5″x11″ and send it to the back of the cut files.

Lastly, just center the .jpg with the designs so that the cut lines match up with the designs. There should still be some space of the design around the outside of the cut line. Then send the designs to your silhouette machine as you normally would with whatever settings work best for your machine.

And just like that you’ll now be able to easily create your own planner stickers whenever you like! Leave any other questions you may have regarding printables down below and I will be sure to create a FAQ so you can have that information easily accessible!

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