If you saw my #FF post earlier this week, then you will know I recently started partaking in a writing challenge hosted by Carrot Ranch. This week’s prompt is as follows: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a chisel. Use chisel as a noun or a verb. Think about what might be chiseled, who is chiseling. Be the chisel. Go where the prompt leads!

I really was not sure where I wanted to go with this week’s prompt, but I knew I did not want to use the word as a noun, so I took a break to work on some accounting homework and that was when business school inspired me:

My stomach did back flips in my body as I mentally prepared myself for what was about to happen. My whole life, everything that I built, was on the line here. One wrong move and it could all be over; all of my hard work and late nights all for nothing. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. I force my feet to move into the room as I repeat the same words to myself over and over again, “I will not let them take control over my company. I will not let them chisel into my hard earned profits.”

How would you interpret this prompt? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to check out the original post here.

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