Flash Fiction Challenge – Bucket of Water

Hi friends and welcome back for another Flash Fiction challenge! If you have not been following my previous flash fiction challenge posts I will give you a brief overview, I participate in a weekly challenge from the blog Carrot Ranch where the objective is to write about a given prompt for that week in exactly 99 words, no more, no less, in whichever way you choose to interpret the prompt. You can read more about this challenge here.

This weeks prompt is a bucket of water. While I am writing this, I just got off work from my retail job, it is 10:00pm and I am in the truck on my way to California to go home for spring break, which makes it a bit hard to write since it is so shaky, so if there are any small typos please bear with me.

When I think of a bucket of water I think of one of two things – either a rustic, farm/ranch (oh the life of a small town farm girl), or I think of a period of time when plumbing was not yet invented, or was just a luxury for those who could afford it. The latter is the direction that I chose for this week:

Sweat drenched Elsie’s shirt as she lugged the overflowing bucket of water up the steep hill that her cottage sat upon. She was annoyed she had to do this two days in a row since Sasha decided to disappear into town when it was her turn to collect water from the river to take care of their sick father.

“Here Papa, drink up.” she said to him as she walked into their living room where he laid on his make shift bed in front of the fire.

If only they could afford a warmer house, maybe he’d get better

How do you think I did with this weeks prompt? Some of the other prompts have taken a lot of thought from me before I could start writing, but for this one I seemed to know what I wanted to write right away.

Thanks for stopping by friends!

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20 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge – Bucket of Water

    1. Yes I do too. 9/10 times though even when camping I am lucky enough to have prebottled gallons of water which makes me very thankful.


  1. There’s a reason our life expectancy extends as we continue to advance. Nice take.

    Isn’t it great when a prompt grabs you and practically writes itself? Sometimes I ponder for days before I have anything. This one was an easy one for me, too. I was done in minutes.

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