Little Free Library – Haul + How To Build One!

Two days ago, Zach and I went on a walk through our neighborhood to our local “Little Free Library” so that I could get some new books. A Little Free Library is a neighborhood book exchange where you can take a book for every book you leave. We usually go to the same one, but when we went the other day I noticed the same book I left last time was still there and there were not as many selections, so I might explore a different one next time because there are quite a few in my area!

Today I left two books I read awhile back – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and Camino Island. I really enjoyed Camino Island, a book my grandma recommended to me, but I really home someone enjoys Whiskey Tango Foxtrot more than I did because I was not into it at all. Fun Fact: Camino Island was also a huge inspiration to me in wanting to start this blog, and to let me self enjoy writing more overall.

I then picked up two books, which I had a hard time choosing because like I said, there was not a lot to choose from today, and most of the books didn’t spark my interest right away or seem like the kind of thing I am normally into, but you never know when you will unexpectedly fall in love with a book so I decided to give “The Darkest Promise” and “The Scarecrow” a try. The Darkest Promise just from judging the cover definitely does not seem like something I would normally read, but from reading the back it sounded a lot more interesting that I had expected.

You can look on the Little Free Library website to find one near you, but don’t worry if there is not one near you, it is super easy to create one! They have free plans on their website to help you build one, then all you have left to do is register it on their website and start filling it with books! Once you have registered it on their website they will send you a placard for it.

I am not sure who created this but I think it is such an awesome idea especially for people who do not have access to books! Everyone should have an equal opportunity to read as much as their hearts desire. In addition to novels and children’s books I have also seen non-fictions pieces and cookbooks too so there really can be something for everyone here!

Have you created your own Little Free Library? Share your photos with me down below!

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