Spring Daffodil Show

Yesterday my sister entered a couple different daffodil arrangements as part of a school assignment for her Floral Design class. I too participated in this when I was in high school, but the weekend of the show was also the same weekend that University of Oregon was doing their final “Duck Days” a prospective student weekend, so I was not able to check out the show.

Fortuna, CA. Welcome sign when you turn off the highway. The daffodil is an interchangeable piece that is changed seasonally depending on what even is happening at the time in our town.

Both youth and adults can enter the show, which takes places every last weekend in March, and while it is free to come see all of the arrangements and to enter, participants can also choose to sign up for an optional class for $5 where they can learn the basics of creating the floral arrangements.

It is just fun in general to see all of the pretty flowers, but I love getting to see how creative people can be with their “vases”.

This one in a teapot was one of my sister’s arrangements (I unfortunately did not realize until afterwards she had contributed more than one and so I did not get photos of her others).

Her Floral Design teacher had some issues with ordering daffodils from their supplier, so her and my mom were able to donate more than 100 hundred daffodils from our yard to her class for them to use in their arrangements which I thought was pretty cool!

These two arrangements were two of my favorites because I thought they were so creative! The first one is heavily inspired by the region our town is in – the redwoods which I thought made it even more awesome.

I love that our towns garden club puts on a daffodil show because it marks that spring really is here and that makes me ecstatic for what is to come in the next couple of months: warmer weather, more sunshine, lots of flowers, and my favorite, the birth of lambs, chicks and other new life!

They even had a “mini” category which are always fun to look at because of how creative they tend to be, even though they do not always include daffodils.

Does your town have any kind of cool flower show for people to celebrate the season? I would love to hear more about them and see photos so be sure to share them with me in the comments! Which arrangement is your favorite?

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