6 Ways Your Pet Can Help With Your Anxiety

“Different strokes for different folks”! This is so true for the treatment of anxiety too. There are many ways in which one can treat anxiety. There are skills that you can teach yourself to not be triggered as intensely or ways to lessen responses once triggered. There are also methods that help one overcome anxiety altogether. Different methods work for different people and different kinds of anxiety. For some, the support and unconditional love of a four-legged friend can make all the difference. You might need to look no further than that fluffball on your lap for a relief from anxiousness!

1. Constant Companionship

If you have a furry friend to share your life with, you will never have to look far for a cuddle! Your pet will always want to be by your side. Having another living being sharing your space with you will help keep loneliness and feelings of isolation at bay.

2. Distraction

Having a pet is a great distraction from the maladies of life. Your pet needs you; to feed them, exercise them, and love them. While you are busy doing all these things, you don’t have time to think and stress about the things that make you anxious! Plus, the sense of achievement that you get from bringing joy to another being, will be food for your soul!

3. Cuddles Around the Clock

Your pet has time for you no matter the day, or the hour. The simple act of stroking a dog or a cat has been shown to help relieve tension and aid in physical and psychological healing.

4. A Good Listener

Whether those ears are floppy and hanging to the ground, or whether they are short and pricked up to not miss a single beat, you can rest assured that they will always be ready and willing to listen to whatever you have to say. Your furry friend has the added benefit of being a completely unjudgmental audience. They will not bombard you with unwanted advice!

5. Social Butterfly

If social anxiety is your game, your pooch will help you get over it. Going on excursions with your canine bestie by your side will help you to feel buffered and protected. Dogs are also good at making friends. They make it very easy for people to pay you compliments and send a couple of smiles your way. They make for great conversation starters. They can also be a handy excuse for heading on if chatting to a total stranger is getting a bit much for you.

6. Playmate

Whether it be tussles on the couch, playing fetch in the garden, or going for your daily walk to the park, your fluffy friend will help you to lead a more active life. These doses of fresh air and endorphins (feel good hormones from exercise) are a great recipe for reducing anxiety!

Take Back Your Life: How to Deal with Anxiety

There is no quick-fix for anxiety. No miracle cure to take your stress away overnight. Yet, by slowly and surely gaining control over your worry, you can get better!

An ESA or psychiatric service dog might be a great start on this road to recovery! Check out this blog post  for more information regarding ESAs.

*Photos are of my dogs Ginger (chihuahua/corgi) and Koda (Black lab/German shepherd).

This content was provided by CertaPet, an online service that works with licensed mental health professionals to provide an easy and discreet way to obtain an ESA license for you and your furry friend, that is 100% compliant with federal and state laws.

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