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“The Travelling Creative is a short interview series exploring the destinations professional creatives find most inspiring to their work. I interview writers, photographers, dancers, artists and designers about a location that has most impacted their work. Today I’m talking to Macy Brown, who proves you don’t have to travel around the world to find inspiration.”

I had the honor of being interviewed by Madam Zo Zo for a piece in her “The Traveling Creative” series. This was the first interview like this I have done and it was so much fun getting to share the inspiration behind my work. To read the rest of the article on me, please see her full post here.

I had originally meant to share this with you all when she published it yesterday and I also had a different post for today, but I have been so busy with school I did not have time to do either of these things. I will be back tomorrow evening with my Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction piece, a life update/first week of school on Friday at 8am PST, and then back to my regularly scheduled content on Saturday.

Thank you so much again Madam Zo Zo for letting me participate in this collaborative, she interviews other entrepreneurs and creators regularly and does other travel related pieces as well so be sure you all spend some time looking around her website!

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