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First Week of School – Junior Year of College

I don’t think I have ever been so happy for it to be Friday as I am this morning while writing this. This week has been ROUGH. I really am not sure what I was thinking when I signed up for 8am classes 5 days a week. It’s nice once I am out of class to still have so much time left in the day to do what I want and get things done, but by mid afternoon and especially late evening, I am EXHAUSTED.

I tried to vlog my first week of school but ended up not having very much footage to upload so I decided I would talk about my first week of school in depth here.


8:00am – Algebra. So far I am not sure what to think of this class. We really have not done any work yet, just an online assignment that I flew through, and the rest of the time in class we spent doing analytical activities.

9:00am – Spanish. I was shocked when my teacher walked in and looked like he was only 16 years old (he is still only actually 24) and also scared because anytime I have had a graduate student led class it has been a disaster. Since they are still learning grad students who lead discussion classes tend to way over use “um”, not be very prepared, and in general not know exactly what they are talking about. I do not believe my Spanish teacher is a grad student, but he is still really young and actually does an amazing job at teaching – even better than some older professors I have had!

10:00am – 3:00 pm – After my Spanish class, I went home and ate breakfast and waited with Zach to go pick his car up from Les Schwab where they were doing an inspection. After his car was ready, I drove him to school then went grocery shopping since we got home from California the night before and did not have any food left in our house.

I also picked up some sushi from the Fred Meyer sushi bar, so when I got home I unloaded the groceries, ate my sushi, and watch an episode of Shameless before heading back to Zach’s school to pick him up. When I got there we went and talked to an advisor about him possibly changing his major, then he dropped me off back at UO for my last class of the day.

4:00pm – Microeconomics. I am so grateful that I am taking this class with one of my roommates (and close friends!) because I would die of boredom in this class without her. It was funny because we had been talking before class about how we hate when teachers speed through their lectures so fast that you don’t have time to take notes, even on a laptop, and our professor for this class was the exact opposite. He was also very young, no older than 26, and hand wrote his lecture on the document camera which made this class feel like it drug on even longer than what it did. The content for the most part was fairly interesting, but when you can only type 5-10 words in a minute you get really bored.

6:00pm – Dinner. When I got home Zach was out driving for Lyft so I started on dinner and got some homework done. Yes, I had homework on my first day of school, and it was due at midnight! For dinner I baked some chicken in the oven that Zach absolutely loved, with green beans and baked potatoes.

7:30pm – After dinner he went back to driving Lyft some more and I cleaned up dinner and finished my homework. When I was done and he had got back home we put away some laundry and unpacked our bags from when we were in California.

9:30pm – I was so tired after my first day of school that I was in bed and asleep by 9:30


8:00am – Algebra. AGAIN. I thought this was a college algebra class but we spent the whole class playing with foam pieces to explain fractions.

9:00am – Spanish

10:00am – I was sooo tired by day 2 that when I got home I crawled back in bed, put on Pretty Little Liars, and fell asleep.

3:00pm – When Zach got home we went to go file his taxes and then he got a haircut afterwards which resulted in him buzzing off all of his hair, 5 days later while I am writing this I am still trying to get used to him not having any hair!


8:00am – Algebra

9:00am – Spanish

10:00am – When I got home from school I again took a nap, especially because I had to work later this night, so I just wanted to relax.

4:00pm – Microeconomics. By this second Econ class I began to realize how much of a bad idea it was to take this class later in the evening, especially right before I was going to work. I was trying SO hard not to get sleepy.

6:00pm – Work. When I got out of class Zach took me to work because I would not have made it in time if I tried to take the bus from school. Work was not bad, but I was SO tired by the end of the night and could not wait to go home.

10:15pm – As soon as I got home I put pajamas on, got ready for bed, and went to sleep.


9:00am – Spanish. I was so happy I got to sleep in just an hour longer on this morning because I did not have algebra, only Spanish.

10:00am – Again, when I got home I took a nap because I had work tonight again. Also, if you are still reading this far, thank you for sticking around, I am sure you are probably thinking my life is pretty boring because all I do is go to school, work, and sleep, but I promise you I do have fun too! I just spent this whole week trying to get used to my new schedule.

5:30pm – Work. Sometimes working weeknights suck because it can be pretty slow in our store, and this night was definitely one of those nights. I had my entire section cleaned within the first hour I was there which sucked a little bit because I spent the rest of the night trying to take my sweet time on whatever task I could find to keep me busy.

10:00pm – Bedtime


I do not think I have ever been so happy for it to be Friday in my whole life as I was this week. It felt like this week would never end, but I just needed to get through 2 more classes.

8:00am – Algebra. We reviewed what we went over during the week and took a quiz. I was expecting the quiz to be more problem based, like the homework, but even though I thought what we learned in class was a bit odd compared to the homework, it was nice the quiz was exactly based off of what we had done in class.

9:00am – Microeconomics. I had my discussion class for this class and again I was a bit scared for it because discussions are led by graduate students, but my student leader really had his stuff together and did a good job at keeping us engaged.

10:00am – When I got home I surprisingly did not take a nap. Zach and I ate breakfast, watched a little bit of the news, and then showered.

2:30pm – Zach had an interview for a new job (which he got!!) and while he was there I watched a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars before getting ready for our date night.

5:30pm – Date Night. We had been planning on having this date night for about a week, but right before we were leaving our house he got the call offering him a job at the place he had interviewed at, so we decided we would have a bit of a celebration too. We went out to dinner at a place called Fuji Steakhouse, a hibachi style Japanese restaurant where they cook the food right in front of you and we HIGHLY recommend it!

I got the steak and shrimp hibachi and he got the chicken and steak, which both come with rice or noodles, soup, salad, and vegetables, and also shared an order of their fried spring roll appetizers for about $50 which was a really good price for the amount of food we got and the food was absolutely delicious. We will definitely be back here in the future.

6:30 – When we got done with dinner we were going to see a movie since the restaurant is in the same complex as the mall, but there really weren’t any movies out that either of us wanted to see and we were both exhausted from our first week back at school, so we decided to rent Bumblebee from Redbox.

That basically summed up our first week of school. Did you go back to school this week? Even if you didn’t I would love for you to share how your week went with me!

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