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Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival – Woodburn, Oregon

2018 was my first time attending the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon and it was such an amazing experience that I of course had to go back this year too! I was so blessed that I even got to bring my boyfriend, Zach, along as last year he could not attend due to still finishing out his contract with the army.

This year was really cool because they had moved the flowers to a few different fields than the ones they used the year before, so it was almost like being there for my first time again. Before I start talking about the experience we had here, I am sure you are wanting to know some basic information!

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival - stroll through fields and fields of tulips, eat some yummy food, checkout some awesome vendors, and even purchase a bundle of flowers! It is such an amazing sight to see and also makes a great photo op for yourself, friends, or family!

Woodburn, Oregon. About an hour and a half drive from Eugene, Oregon. 30 minutes from Salem, Oregon, and 45 minutes from Portland, Oregon.

The festival starts when the flowers are in bloom of course, which is usually from the last weekend in March to the last weekend in April, although sometimes, like this year they will extend the festival for another week or two if the flowers are still holding up good!

General tickets are $5 per person (maximum of $20 per car though), which includes access to the tulip fields during normal hours, tractor ride, and parking. They also have other package options for the whole season, groups, senior discounts, and even special sunrise/sunset access.

If you choose to visit Friday – Sunday I HIGHLY suggest leaving early and either eating before hand or packing lots of snacks and water with you. This is because on the weekends it can be so busy that you will have to wait in a line of cars on the road for the last mile or so going into the farm. When we went last year we spent almost 2.5 hours in the car just to drive one hour. Please do not let this deter you from visiting though because it is more than worth it!

We lucked out when we went this week though. Being the Thursday before Easter, and when most students were on Spring Break, we were fully expecting to wait in the car for a long time, but we were able to get right in with a very minimal wait time, and even scored a parking sot close to the front!

Pictures do not even fully do this magical place justice (videos either, but it does come closer) so be sure to check our vlog from the festival too!

After the festival we decided to grab a late lunch. Luis’ Taqueria was the most recommended place I got on Facebook, so we decided to give it a try and it was delicious, although they do not offer free chips and salsa like most Mexican restaurants which was a little bit disappointing because we were both craving chips and salsa. I got their tamale combination plate which was delicious, but they did not have very much meat.

The tulip festival has been extended through May 5th so if you do have a chance to still check it out be sure to let me know in the comments how you enjoyed it and tag me in your photos on Instagram (@macy.brown34).

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