Crescent City, California – Battery Point Lighthouse

Crescent City, California, while a very small dot on the map, and definitely not a place I would ever want to live, is such a beautiful, quaint little town that is very near and dear to my heart. It is about 2 hours North of my hometown and 30 minutes North of the place where I spent the majority of my summers, so I would still visit it often. Now when I travel back and forth between Eugene and my hometown it has become one of the places we always have to stop at not only because it’s just a good rest stop in general on the last leg of our journey home, but Zach’s brother also lives there.

Crescent City is always a hit or miss – you could be there on a bad day when it is storming like crazy, the surf is rough, and it is so foggy and/or rainy that you can’t even see 10 feet in front of you, or you could be there on a good day like our last trip there, when it is one of the most beautiful place on Earth. While it was still early in spring though it was still a little bit cold, and windy, but that is to be expected in the Pacific Northwest, we could not have asked for a more beautiful, clear day.

There is a beautiful beach on the south end of town that is perfect for strolling, playing in the sand, or if you are lucky, watching surfers! We were going to stop here, but the tide was starting to come in and we wanted to check out the Battery Point lighthouse before it got too high!

To get to the lighthouse, head West on Front street to the very end, then turn left on B street. This will take you to a parking lot by the pier, but if you are wanting to walk over to the lighthouse do not park all the way down there. There will be a grassy area on the right hand side that you can park in.

There is always so much driftwood piled up in the area in front of the lighthouse where it all gets caught in the outgoing tides. You can usually find some kind of driftwood fort being built here, especially on a nice day like this.

The views from the lighthouse are absolutely spectacular, and if you want to, you can take a tour of it for $5.

Battery Point lighthouse is also an awesome spot for tide pooling! We unfortunately were not able to find much on this day, but usually you can find starfish, anemones, and other sea life. If you turn over smaller rocks you can find small hermit crabs, and sand crabs too!

You might even end up extra lucky like we did and find something unusual on the beach *CONTENT WARNING*… we found this *thing* on the beach and could not tell what it was, it sort of looked like an eel, but at the same time, not really. It looked like it only had one eye, and had really small, sharp teeth. Turns out we had found a dead monkey faced eel on the beach!

If you ever get a chance to visit this magical place that I gratefully get to call home, please do not pass it up! There really isn’t anywhere else out there like it!

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