Why You Should Never “Go On A Diet”

    Let’s begin by changing the way we use that word. Instead of saying “I need to go on a diet” we should be using the phrase “I need to change my diet”.

    For years now, since I was a teenager, I hated the word “diet”. Usually because it meant that someone was saying they were going to go on a diet to lose weight. Yes, one can lose the weight when they go on “diets” but usually they gain it all back again. Over and over I could see a few things happening:

  1. I saw people start diets and then give up within a week or two because they saw no change.
  2. They just easily fell back into their normal lifestyle because it was easier.
  3. People eating poorly using diet drinks instead of healthy meals and getting sick or looking unhealthy instead.
  4. I also saw people decide to diet because they wanted to look like this person or that person (usually celebrities) or,
  5. “If I could lose weight, I would be popular like so and so”.

It just became a vicious circle and I learned early on that I didn’t want to become the “norm” and use that phrase too.

   I say that now, because it took me a long time to be happy with my body. I was never overweight, but I hated the size of my bottom and was not endowed like so many ladies are. I have a birthmark that covers most of my shoulder and that shoulder is more puffy than my other. I have very straight hair and just overall from a teenager’s point of view, I was VERY self conscious.

My parents never made me feel ugly or unloved and kept assuring me that I was beautiful and it didn’t matter what I thought because God made me the way I am for a special reason and that was what I needed to focus on. I eventually realized that myself, and when my hubby and I were dating he fell in love with me, for me, and that helped me grow out of my insecurities. Although, even now, being over thirty, I still struggle with it at times. So going on a diet to me was silly and I saw no benefit in it, after all it was not God’s intention for us to all look like Barbie dolls, weigh next to nothing, or to be unhealthy.

    When someone says they need to go on a diet it’s because they are unhappy with themselves and the way they look, they are seeking to change themselves to an image they see in hopes to boost their own insecurities. The phrase ‘I need to diet’ has such negative connotations, making us view ourselves in that negative light, and when a diet fails we too feel like failures. That’s why I feel the phrase ‘I need to change my diet’, fits so much better in one’s life because it can bring on lifelong goals and keep someone happier with the way they look, rather than just bouncing up and down on the scales.

So Where Do I Begin?

How about first we throw out the diet drinks, diet pills, and whatever else you have to “diet” and start anew. Here are some simple steps to take:

  1. Be thankful for the life you have and how God made you because to Him that is the best.
  2. Decide how you want to change your diet. Be it with food, more exercise, or being positive about everything you have in your life and about the people around you. STOP comparing yourself to TV, magazines, or the person next door!
  3. Start small and start simple. Gradually work up to your goals. If you start full force you will most likely quit within the first month. It takes time for the body to adjust.
  4. If you want to lose some weight try food changes that will help you be healthier. Get rid of fats, oils, snacks at night, pop intake, etc. Do research.
  5. Along with food changes try starting out with simple exercises and build up to harder ones once you feel you are able to. Even a short walk just a few times a week can start to make a difference!
  6. Remember that this is not a quick fix but a lifestyle change and if you truly are committed it will start happening, over time but not overnight. DON’T GIVE UP!

For more helpful tips and ideas check out the book God’s Balanced Lifestyle: 180 Days to Spiritual, Physical, And Healthy Tips through simple tips and activities. When I say simple, I mean simple and small where you gradually build your lifestyle to a better you, one day at a time. This can be found on Amazon under my name.

     My hubby has always been a caffeine pop drinker and he would drink them three or more times a day since we’ve been married. With other intakes, and of course age, this has begun to take its toll on him, and he finally decided that he was going to need to make some lifestyle changes to help his weight and health. Towards the end of last year, he started to drink less caffeine and eat differently, but as most things, it was hard, and he was falling back into his previous lifestyle. This year he finally decided enough was enough and in March quit cold turkey on the dark pops with caffeine (now all he drinks is Sprite) and he has given up eating snack foods and eats better at night (he works the night shift). Within that time, he has lost 20 pounds and is feeling better in so many other areas of his life.

  It’s the simple steps each person decides to take to make lifestyle changes in their lives to improve their overall appearance, self worth, and life. Please don’t just toss this article away and say ‘diets are for me, nothing else’. Improving one’s entire lifestyle will go a lot further than just going on a “diet”.

But always remember that God made you the way you are and He loves you that way.

If you’re still a teenager or younger, throw out the thought of dieting all together – you are young and are still growing into an adult with many changes still in the making.

If you’re a mom chasing your kids all over the place or a new mom,  a little weight is okay, and believe me, chasing them around will give you all the exercise you need!

If you’re a grandma and have a little more weight, that’s okay too; you’ve earned it!

Weight should never be the issue; it should be the desire to be healthier – wanting to lose the weight to feel stronger and better about yourself, NOT about how the models and celebrities look! Love yourself first, the way you are, and everything else will fall into place at the right time.

 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you…” Jeremiah 1:5

About The Author

Delaina Cischke (author name D.S. Wells) is a loving mother, wife and, of course, a writer.  She has been writing since she was a young teenager and says that she feels the Lord has given her the talent to write, “My writing has taken me many places and as I continue to write I enjoy seeing what the Lord will show me next. My desire when writing is to share the love of Jesus and hopefully inspire my readers”, Delaina says, “I like to see people smile and try to accomplish good feelings with my works. Hopefully all my readers will get a blessing when they read anything I have put pen to as it is the Lord who leads in everything I do”. She has been married over 20 years and has two adult kids in her home along, with her youngest, who is in high school.  She loves spending time with them as much as she can as her family is “growing up too fast”, she says. During the warmer months, her and her family enjoy spending lots of time outdoors, and most of their Saturdays are spent doing exactly that.

 Her blog, Connect With God Daily, mainly focuses on inspiration that show God is in our everyday lives, through things as simple as doing laundry or skipping stones.  She also has two other categories she writes in a few times a month, family, marriage, and kids, and lifestyle from health to exercise.  Another passion of Delaina’s is making gift baskets, which is a side business she is currently working on, and you can find these, along with some of her published works here.

Delaina would like to to thank you for taking the time to get to know her and what she does. “May God grant you many blessings daily” – Delaina Cischke.

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  1. I love this post for so many reasons. “going on a diet” is so much more than just eating a few salads, its a lifestyle and mentality that you’re just trying to be and stay healthy rather than just lose weight.

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