The Importance of Online Therapy

One of the biggest changes to everyday life over the past 50 years was the invention of the internet and the computer. While the first internet and computer systems were slow and bulky, today we have access to everything the internet has to offer right at our fingertips. Phones fit in our back pockets and can do anything from video chat with someone across the country to order food. Thanks to these new technological advancements, online therapy has become a growing trend to help those get the treatment they need without having to physically go into an office. Learn more about why online therapy is important.

No Location Limits

Many people find their therapist through their health insurance company. Some therapists only accept specific insurances. Depending on where you live, you may only have a few therapists to choose from. Online therapy helps those limited by location find the help they need. Therapists can talk over the phone, through video chat, or through email/messenger to their patients, no matter where they are. 

More Affordability

Many people can not afford traditional therapy, they copays may be too high or they do not have health insurance. There are alternative online therapy options that are cheaper even sometimes even free for those who cannot afford traditional therapy.

Mobility Issues

There are many different reasons that someone would not be able to go into a therapist’s office for treatment physically. They may be bedridden, feel uncomfortable leaving the house, or not have adequate transportation to and from the office. Online therapy allows patients to get treated in their home, right from their computer or phone.


Online therapy gives people with various conditions options that weren’t available before internet access. People who travel often or have busy schedules see the benefit of having the opportunity to do online therapy. They can talk to their therapist no matter where they are. It’s easier to sit in your office, hotel room, or car and video chat your therapist rather than having to go into the office if your pressed for time or are not in town. 

Emotional Support Animals

Online therapy makes it possible to get an emotional support animal in less than 48 hours. There is no waiting for an appointment time or having to go to the therapist’s office. If you think you have a qualifying mental condition and your pet helps you cope, take the CertaPet 5-minute pre-screening and connect with a licensed mental health professional online that practices in your area.

Online therapy allows people to seek treatment for various psychological conditions while having the flexibility of not having to go into an office physically. Many people have tight schedules, or their condition prevents them from leaving the house, and online therapy is the only way they can get treated by a therapist. There are many different types of online therapy like video chatting, phone calls, and messengers. Those who are on a budget or do not have insurance have affordable online therapy options. 

This content was provided by CertaPet, an online service that works with licensed mental health professionals to provide an easy and discreet way to obtain an ESA license for you and your furry friend, that is 100% compliant with federal and state laws.

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