4 Simple Ways To Update Your Home For Summer

*This post is sponsored by Premier Surfaces, but all opinions are still my own, truthful opinions, that are not influenced in any way by the company*

For a few months now, my boyfriend and I have been considering purchasing our own home once our current lease is up in September. We both really wanted to, but for awhile it was just something that neither of us were ready to commit for, until recently when we decided we want to stop paying other people’s mortgage and invest our money into our own home and property.

So we went and met with a loan advisor, figured out all of the steps we need to take to be approved for a home loan, my mom is working on referring us to a real estate agent in our area, and in a few short months we should have our very own home, that is all ours and all to ourselves!

Of course the first thing I started thinking about when we finally decided to reach for this next huge milestone in our lives is how much I cannot wait to do renovations and add decor to personalize, update, and make it our home! Being that it will be summer time, less than a month before fall term classes start, I know that we will have to find some super simple, easy ways to make these customizations during the chaos of our work and school lives.

1. House Plants

Adding some plants to your home is such a simple, easy way to spruce up your home by adding color to any area! Plants are also super beneficial to your health as they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen into your home. Certain plants also have specific health benefits so be sure to do some research if there is a particular area you would like to boost!

If you don’t have a green thumb, that’s okay too, there are still green options for you! Try air plants – they are super easy to take care of, really only need to be “watered”, or should I say misted, every 1-2 weeks, and they give you an opportunity to be super creative in how you choose to style them. There is also no shame in buying some fake plants – you’ll never have to worry about watering them if you travel a lot, like me, and they are a great investment as you can keep them forever!

I love how simple and creative adding plants can be. There are thousands of plants and flowers out there, along with various, unique planters for them, that you are sure to find a style that you love!

2. Pillows And Blankets

Pillows and blankets are another way to spruce up your home, and they can serve the dual purpose of being comfy/keeping warm when you need them to! I love playing with layering of various pillows and blankets, along with trying out different textures and colors with one another to make something that really stands out!

In our bedroom we have gray pillow cases on the 2 back pillows and these geometric patterned, gray and white ones on top of those. Both match with both sets of our sheets so that we don’t have to worry about switching out completely new pillow cases when we change our sheets.

Then I have 2 pink textured pillows which add so much dimension to the space, especially with the fuzzy white pillow that is added to the front. There are so many fun ways that you could play with these to change it up whenever you want!

3. Countertops

Okay, now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “What the heck?! I thought these were supposed to be simple changes?”, but just hear me out. Yes, changing out countertops can be a bit pricier upgrade than some of these smaller things, but it can change the world, especially when trying to update the overall vibe of an area, even if it is just your bathroom countertops.

Luckily for you, Premier Surfaces makes it super easy and simple to make this change in your home, and my favorite thing about the company is that they offer discounts to military and emergency personnel! I don’t know about you guys, but when a company does things like this to recognize those who protect our country and communities I know they are doing something right.

Premier Surfaces has had more than 30 years of experience in fabricating and installing custom countertops in a wide range of cities at an efficient rate. I love how eye catching this countertops are, they make the space feel so much bigger!

4. Books

Like with the pillows and blankets, I love playing with the layering of books. Not only are they a great way to display some of your favorites, but they can also be multi-purpose. They can help remind and encourage you to pick them up every once in awhile instead of reading, and sorry if this may make you cringe, but they can also work as great coasters! I am not talking about drink coasters, but rather display coasters to lift up other pieces that you want to stand out. It can also serve as something to entertain guests you may have while you cook, etc.

One of my favorite “coffee table” books is The Little Black Book of Lawyer’s Wisdom, even if you are not a lawyer, or interested in law, there is still some great advice in it that could be applied to your life as well. I always find myself reaching for this one if I need some words of encouragement.

What is your favorite way to make your home your own? I need all the inspiration I can get with less than 3 months before we will start this next big chapter in our lives!

3 thoughts on “4 Simple Ways To Update Your Home For Summer

  1. I love the idea of books as decor. And I probably need some fake plants because I kill all the live ones! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  2. Plants are slowly taking over my living room and I want more! There is something about that pop of green that just makes the house feel more lived in!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that’s definitely gonna be me once we move! Right now we just don’t get enough sunlight for them!


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