5 Pinterest Boards Every Foodie Needs To Follow

As a restaurant owner or foodie, you’re most likely always on the lookout for inspiration to draw from when it comes to meals, and what better tool to use for fresh inspiration than social media!

Since Pinterest is an image based social network we find this one to be a good bet for those looking for ideas. There’s quite a heavy concentration on Pinterest devoted to recipes and anything food related, so we went scouring the site for the best of the best when it comes to food. See our top finds below and let us know if you have a few favorite boards which didn’t make the cut but should have.

Image Via Pinterest

1. Restaurant Hospitality

Restaurant Hospitality is probably the quintessential resource for foodies everywhere and luckily they happen to be on Pinterest. We started with this one, because what is a restaurant without some good old fashioned hospitality? After all, everything begins and ends with the customer. As for Pinterest, their boards revolve around the following topics: restaurant design, consumer trends, rising foodie stars, mixologists and of course – plenty of recipes. They have plenty of pins to look at and glean inspiration from and as such we suggest you give them a follow today.

2. Epicurious

The cool thing about Epicurious on Pinterest is the way they have their boards aggregated by niche recipe topic. They have everything from shrimp recipes to potato recipes and drink recipes to even a board dedicated to tailgating recipe ideas. This makes them stand out nicely from the many foodie sites on Pinterest. We also quite like how they have over 10,000 pins – yes! over 10,000 pins. So if you don’t glean some ideas from Epicurious on Pinterest; Houston we have a problem.

3. All Recipes

I don’t know about you, but whenever I am on the hunt for a recipe, All Recipes is the site that 99% of the time pops up in Google. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to follow them because it means many others are too and if your customers are here, you should be too. It’s basically competitive research. The stand out boards here are “Recipe of The Day” and “Cooking Videos”. Videos are found on Pinterest, but not that many, so this is a nice touch on the part of All Recipes. This is definitely the one to beat when it comes to Pinterest foodie boards.

4. Chow Hound

Another excellent board from the clever guys and gals over at Chow Hound; here you’ll find ideas on Tastes of Fall, Summer BBQ Grilling, DIY Food Projects, Campfire Cuisine and more. These guys know food and they know how to curate; we found many good recipe ideas that we saved and re pinned to use for our own purposes. Which means you might too.

5. Savvy Vegetarian

We saved the best for last. The Savvy Vegetarian is a great resource for those who wish to eat less meat but want to know how to do so and still eat healthily. If this describes you or your restaurant then this is the Pinterest board to bookmark. Eating vegetarian and especially vegan is an art form as one must know the various ingredients needed to make a complete but tasty meal. That’s what makes the Savvy Vegetarian a good resource on meatless meals; whether you’re a visiting vegetarian or full on sans meat.

Image Via Unsplash

The Pinterest food boards above should provide plenty of inspiration for foodies and or restaurant owners. Keep in mind, that when you find something you like, be sure to pin and share it with with others so they too can benefit from the awesomeness.

Foodies and restaurant owners alike both flock to Pinterest to not only discover great new and or unusual recipes; but also for inspiration in general – when it comes to meals. Fact is, there’s so much to discover. The best thing about cooking, baking, etc is you’re only limited by your imagination. Learning about different ingredients and the plethora of combinations you can come up with in the kitchen is what all the fun is about. Right? I’m just getting into baking myself and love the many different creations I can come up with. The boards above all are my go to for ideas, inspo and or just to discover something new and exciting. From one of kind cakes to vegan cookies and cupcakes to using ingredient combos I never thought of before; foodie boards on Pinterest is where you’ll learn a ton. And get plenty inspired!

Let us know which is your favorite foodie board on Pinterest? Share with us below.

About The Author

Missy Diaz writes about food related topics on her blog Musings from Chicago – when she’s not busy writing web articles you can find her cooking burning things at home but always practicing her craft. You can also follow her on Twitter for more.

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