Book Review: “Letters To Paul: From The Journal of Lacie Henrickson”

*A manuscript of the book Letters To Paul: From the Journal of Lacie Henrickson by Keith Hachtel was given to me for free in exchange for a book review, but this does not in any way affect or alter my opinion on the item. All opinions stated are my own*

Recently I had the opportunity to read a wonderful short story and comical drama by a small author, Keith Hachtel, and while I was originally concerned about not having enough to read, I was not disappointed at all. Letters To Paul: From the Journal of Lacie Henrickson is a collection of letters, or diary entries, from Lacie to her friend Paul that she writes to him for him to read when he one day (hopefully) will wake up from his coma. She feels at fault for him being in the coma and so in her letters we get to experience her journey as the guilt of Paul’s accident slowly takes over Lacie’s life.

As I started reading this book, I found myself wishing it was longer, as it is only about 45 pages long, but once I finished the book I ended up really liking it the length that it is. It provided just enough information to keep the reader informed, but did not overly handout details that can often bore a reader or make you zone out.

I do not want to spoil too much of the book as I feel this is what made it particularly special to me, but the way Hachtel chose to end the book was really unique and seemed to pull the entire story together. By the last entry, I really went “Wow!” as everything tied together.

I liked this short story because of how unique it was and really opens the readers eyes to some serious issues that Lacie, and many people in real life, face – loss, heartache, alcohol/drug abuse, etc. Hachtel did not try to make it “pretty” or to hide the truth, he laid it all out there, raw and real to be seen.


This story does not have a true happy ending, but I think that the way the ending is written it provides Lacie with some closure that she has needed to move on and pull herself together.

To purchase Letters To Paul as an ebook, audiobook, or as a paperback for only $3.99 click here.

It will also be available on iTunes shortly.

Have you read this book? Or will you be reading it soon after seeing this review? Share your thoughts on it with Keith Hachtel and myself in the comment down below!

3 thoughts on “Book Review: “Letters To Paul: From The Journal of Lacie Henrickson”

  1. I read it and I loved it! It came at a rough time in my life and I was warned it had some content that I might be sensitive to. It actually helped me deal with my situation a little better. I love when a book ignites my imagination and I can see what is being described. This one was easy to do that with. Great book!

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