My Weekend Morning Routine! (College Edition)

As a busy college student my mornings can be pretty hectic, especially now that I will have 8 and 9am classes five days a week during this next term, so I love getting to spend my weekends relaxing, spending time with my boyfriend, and taking time for self-care. Since the majority of the time the goal of my weekends is just to relax my body, mind, and soul, 9 times out of 10 I do not strictly stick to this exact schedule, but my weekend mornings generally do follow the same routine.

9:00 AM – Wake Up. I always have such a hard time waking up early for class, but I ALWAYS wake up before 10am on the weekends, no matter how hard I try. In fact, 99% of the time I wake up between 8:30 and 9:00.

9:10 AM – Relax. Since I do live with my boyfriend, and he sleeps in later than I do, I try not to wake him up before 10:00 if I can, so I like to spend this time relaxing in bed, checking up on social media, and reading. Once he wakes up we like to lay in bed for a little while longer snuggling before we have to get up and tackle our day. Since we both have such busy lives these few moments before we get up are important for us to make time for one another.

On a morning where both of us are awake before 10:00 we also like to go to the gym before breakfast, but otherwise we end up going to the gym later in the evening, or just take a break to rest during the weekend.

10:00 AM – Breakfast. Breakfast for us can include so many different options. Some mornings it is just a bowl of cereal with bananas, oatmeal, or an English muffin, and other mornings it can be our favorite croissants with breakfast sausage (comment below if you want to see a super easy how-to on these!), pancakes, or French toast!

11:00 AM – Shower & Get Ready. After breakfast we usually both take showers and get ready for our day, even if we are only planning on staying home and getting things done.

11:30 AM – Work. If we end up staying home this will usually take up most of my day, but if we will be running errands around town I still like to get a little bit of productive work done whether it be just replying to emails/customer service messages, editing a blog or Instagram photo, creating an entire blog post, or even just straightening up our room or starting a load of laundry.

This makes me feel way more productive, and it is nice to have accomplished something small for when we get back home or are ready to relax for the evening.

Noon – By this time I am usually ready to start the rest of my day whether its going out and running errands, laying in bed all day, or finding a fun activity to do together.

What is a must-have in your weekend morning routine? I know everyone has their own special routines so it always fun to see what other peoples entails! I’d love to create a weekend morning routine video eventually so if that is something that would interest you, be sure to leave me a comment so I can get started on it!

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