Back To School Outfit Inspiration

I cannot believe I am typing these words right now, but yes, you read that title right – today I am sharing with you all outfit ideas for back to school. August is just around the corner which means many of us are going back to school soon (unless you happen to be lucky like me – my first day doesn’t start until September 30th, the day before October!!).

Wether your style is girly, edgy, or just plain laid back, I am sure that one of these outfits I have put together is going to spark ideas in your mind for your perfect back to school wardrobe.

Outfit #1 – Girly

Recently I have been totally digging the mid length style skirts, especially with oversized denim jackets! If you like this style but aren’t sure if you’d be able to pull it off (I say this about almost EVERY SINGLE outfit I see other influencers share) then try it with a cute cropped, or tied, graphic tee!

Outfit #2 – Edgy

This is a good example of one outfit I see becoming more and more popular that for the life of me I just cannot pull off. Maybe it’s because I am super skinny with really long legs so I always look super award in shorts and in addition to it, wearing bagging shirts just makes me look like I am drowning?! I still think this look is so cute though, especially if you’re a college student like me and enjoy being able to throw something comfy on before you head out the door!

You can even switch this one up by wearing some bright or fun patterned biker shorts, I just love this maroon car for fall though!

Outfit #3 – Laidback

I think this outfit is so much fun because it’s both cute and casual! Overalls used to be a necessity on me when I was younger so I am so happy they are starting to make a come back. If you live in an area like me where back to school season is still pretty warm then you can wear this with overall shorts or a denim dress, a t-shirt, and flats!

Which outfit is your favorite? I think I will definitely be wearing something similar to outfit #1 when I go back to school, although I am sure I will be wearing #3 quite a bit as it starts to get colder!

For more back to school outfit ideas be sure to head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe so you can turn on post notifications to be notified when it is uploaded!

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