Book Review: A Passionate and Intentional Love Letter Life

I can honestly say, I have never watched Little People, Big World; so, it is not surprising that I knew nothing about the family that the show is about. 

I stumbled up on Jeremy and Audrey Roloff when one of my favorite authors shared their new book, A Love Letter Life, on their Instagram stories. I remember thinking that book sounds interesting, and if one of my favorite authors loves it and is sharing it- it must be pretty good. 

I began following Audrey, and still had no clue they were a part of Little People, Big World. I actually didn’t put it all together until I got a chapter or two in. 

As I followed her Instagram, and watched her interact with Jeremy and their daughter, Ember, I started to grow even more interest in their book. Then, she began sharing reviews of their book on her stories. The more reviews I read, the more and more I wanted to order my copy. 

Finally, I bit the bullet and ordered my copy, via Amazon Prime- my current favorite book source!

About A Love Letter Life

Jeremy and Audrey make a beautiful couple, who love each other just as beautifully. 

Their book shares their love story from the very beginning. Their meeting, their friendship, which was built first, and they credit that to having such a great relationship and marriage now. 

They take turns telling their story. They share their own experiences and takes on events in their relationship. A couple stories of their relationship stand out to me, because I can relate to them or I have been in that same type of situation before. 

Audrey and Jeremy were separated from each other while they attended colleges miles and miles apart. They found a way to make their relationship work. They wrote each other letters, constantly. Jeremy even wrote his letters to Audrey on his vintage typewriter. The same typewriter they later used to announce the news of their first pregnancy with daughter, Ember. Audrey tells the readers what these letters meant to them, to her; and also tells us that the same typewriter used in such a pivotal time in their lives, sits as décor in their home together, as a way to remember where they came from and what they have been through. 

The two honestly and graciously, take you through their lives; from “their” train trestle, protecting their love, to building a life together. 

Their insights, views, and shear appreciation for their relationship and love is inspiring and honestly, tells you that the couple is wise beyond their years. 

At the end of this book, you feel like you know the young Roloff couple, like you just had dinner with them, and they shared their wisdom and knowledge with you, encouraging you to live your relationship, or future relationship, intentionally

What To Expect

A Love Letter Life is an easy read.

Don’t get me wrong, it is very well written; it is easy to read because the Roloffs are down to earth in every sense of the phrase. Their writing is approachable, understandable, and is like they are sitting in front of you talking to you, one on one. 

I completed this book in around three days, and I could have finished it in less, if I had not wanted it to end. I knew when it was over, I was going to have that feeling of “what’s next?”, or “what book will hold up to that one?”.

This book will help you want to pursue your better half, passionately, creatively, and intentionally. It will rejuvenate that longing to be pursued in the same ways. 

It will make you desire your own “love letter life”. I mean, who doesn’t want that?


All in all, I would suggest this book to every couple I know. Some of their theories, we already know, but sometimes, we need a great reminder. 

I honestly wish this book would have been longer and gave more insight on how to pursue your spouse even a little more in depth. I can see where that could get a little tricky, as everyone is different, but the section about protecting your love, could have been elaborated a tad bit more. That is one very important part of any relationship, especially in today’s world.

If I had a star rating that I had to give A Love Letter Life, it would be a four. Four stars. 

A four star rating is great. I look at everything from the cover, the binding, the breakdown of the chapters, the message, how difficult or easy it is to read, and so much more. The reason for not giving it five stars is simply because I feel they could have shared a bit more about protecting love. That is all! 

You can find this book at most major retailers that sell books, I have even seen it at Hobby Lobby! I encourage you to pick up a copy for yourself and your better half, or a best friend. However, I am a book hoarder, and do not encourage the sharing of books. 

It’s a problem. I am working on it. Maybe. J

About The Author

“Hey, ya’ll! My name is Amy, I am many things to many people, but my most important roles are daughter, wife, friend and mother, in no particular order. My full time job is in healthcare, but my other jobs include blogging, writing, and health and lifestyle coaching. I am a dreamer, a pre-workout lover, an art lover; I am book obsessed, a foodie and an avid fitness lover. You can read more about me, my articles and about my family at The Kent Krew, or follow me on Instagram to see more, too! ” – Amy Kent, The Kent Krew

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