40 Budget Friendly Date Ideas

Since Zach and I recently moved into our own place, money has been tight which means we’ve been pretty well trapped in our house watching endless amounts of Game Of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars, and Futurama. While it is fun and all to spend all of this time relaxing, after awhile it can get pretty boring. So finally after so many hours of hearing and saying “I’m bored. Idk what we should do” I have finally compiled a list of 40 budget-friendly date ideas!

One tip that I do have before I get into these ideas is to checkout the “events” page on Google or Facebook for the town nearest you. There are usually so many different fun things happening in your community on there that you might not have even thought about!

  1. Go for a walk – this may be a little duh!!, but I love going on walks, exploring new areas of my neighborhood, and checking out all of the beautiful houses and scenery. Make it into a game where you each describe to each other what you would do to specific houses if you lived there. Ex. what color would you paint it? What flowers would you plant in the yard?
  2. Build a fort
  3. Cake baking competition
  4. Stream on Twitch
  5. Visit an animal shelter
  6. Go for a bike ride – If you don’t own a bike see if your town offers a bike rental/share program.
  7. Visit the library – stroll the aisles together or pick out a book you think the other person would like.
  8. Rent a movie – Redbox is a good low budget option, and they usually have fairly new movies. You can also contact your library and see if they offer movies like ours does. It’s fun to see what movies from your childhood you can find that you may have forgotten about and are usually not offered to stream/watch on tv.
  9. Have a photoshoot – challenge yourself and make it an “ugly location” photoshoot!
  10. Thrift store challenge – set a budget and go into the thrift store separately and pick out outfits for each other to wear for the day. If you’re going for a free idea, pick something out then have your partner try it on in the fitting rooms. You can also spice it up by setting a specific theme or accessory you each must use in your outfit choice.
  11. Dollar Store DIY – set a budget for each of you ($5, $10) and pick items to create a DIY with. Again you can set a theme (specific holiday/house decor/bathroom item/kitchen item) and have a competition of who can make the best/most creative item!
  12. Create your own ice cream sundaes
  13. Spa Night
  14. Read a book together
  15. Go for a drive and listen to your favorite songs
  16. Free movie in the park – check your local events page for movies that are being offered! Take a blanket or lawn chairs, some popcorn and candy and get snuggled up!
  17. Visit a Farmer’s Market
  18. Go for a hike
  19. Watch the sunset
  20. Visit an Arcade – most arcade games are only about $0.50 and it’s a great way to use some of the spare change you have laying around!
  21. Have a picnic in the park
  22. Do a puzzle – if you don’t have any puzzles already, the thrift store is a good place for this (and board games in general!). A lot of time you can find puzzles and games still in their packaging at Goodwill.
  23. Visit a museum – especially if you are a college student, there are a lot of museums that give students free, or low cost, admission.
  24. Make dinner together
  25. Write letters to each other to be opened at a set date in the future
  26. Go garage sale-ing. Sometimes you can find some really cool things at garage sales, and unlike most thrift stores, they’ll usually negotiate with you. You can also usually find some good free stuff on Saturday/Sunday evenings on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist of leftover garage sale items.
  27. Go to a baseball game. Even if sports aren’t your thing, baseball games can still be a lot of fun depending on what other events they are offering in the stadium at that time and tickets are usually between $5 and $7.
  28. See a play. If there is a high school or college near you they usually offer free or low cost shows, and you are supporting your local schools!
  29. Karaoke. Many bars or restaurants offer karaoke nights for free. Sit and have a drink or an appetizer, or if you’re more introverted have a karaoke night at home by yourselves, with a few close friends, or some family.
  30. Go bowling
  31. Go on a scavenger hunt – there are lots of free, printable list of items floating around the internet.
  32. Go stargazing. If you live in a bigger city this can be a particularly fun one because you can get out of the city and drive somewhere new, away from any lights.
  33. Go mini-golfing
  34. Have a build-your-own-pizza night at home
  35. Go to a shooting range
  36. Go fruit picking. Blackberries are usually a good free option as they’re easy to find in rural areas. You can also check your town for pick-your-own-fruit farms.
  37. Workout
  38. Host a potluck
  39. Start a blog together
  40. Start a YouTube channel together

Which one of these ideas will you be trying first? What is your favorite low cost date night ideas? Let me know because we are always looking for things to do!

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