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8 Items You NEED This Spring 2020

Happy March 1st! I don’t know about you guys, but where I live it is already starting to feel like Spring. Exactly a year ago we had 2 feet of snow so I am more than okay with it being 60 and sunny!

In true spring fashion, it has been pouring down raining all day now which got me to thinking that some spring fashion inspo is definitely needed!

Here are 8 fashion must-haves that you absolutely NEED this spring.

  1. Jean Jacket – no matter what season, a jean jacket is a staple piece. This one is from J. Crew, but you can always find perfect condition, vintage looking jean jackets at second hand stores for around $10 or less!
  2. Snake skin – I am totally digging the faux snake skin items. Whether it is boots, pants, or this super cute tube top (that is only $10!!), they are perfect for spring.
  3. Strappy Sandals – I love that these casual, wicker looking strappy wedges and sandals are coming back in style because they are so perfect for an everyday look. These ones are from Nordstroms, but you can also find the same look for much cheaper at most any store these days!
  4. Hair Ribbon – I personally cannot pull these hair accessories off because wearing my hair up just isn’t my thing, but so many fashion influencers can really make them work! And the best part is, they come in so many different colors and patterns and are usually around just $5!
  5. Jumpsuit – Jumpsuits are a great staple piece as well and are perfect for spring because they can be layered with so many pieces, such as your super stylish jean jacket! I love this neutral one for spring because it looks great with other spring items such as snake skin or floral prints!
  6. Chunky bracelet – I love that layered bracelets are coming back in style because they are a great way to add different textures to your look! This one from Nordstrom is a great staple piece because it already has several layered bracelets together!
  7. Stripes – I love how some of the 70’s styles, such as the striped shirts, are coming back because they are a great way to spice up any outfit, and look flattering on everyone! This halter neck crop top is so perfect for spring and can be layered with so many other pieces to really make it your style – the best part is it’s only $12.99!
  8. Flowy Pants – flowy pants are my absolute favorite item for spring because they are so comfortable and stretchy like leggings, but tend to look a lot more dressed up! Go for a major spring vibe with these peach colored ones, or go for something simpler with a more neutral color like beige, black, or grey that can be paired with almost any other item already in your wardrobe!

What is your go to must have for spring? Which piece above is your favorite? Is there a new trend you are excited to try? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your feedback!

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