Freebie Terms of Use

All freebies offered on this website ( are for personal use only. I spend a lot of time creating these items for people to use so please to not take advantage of this opportunity, or I will no longer be able to offer free items.

This means that:

  1. You cannot use my free printables for commercial use
  2. You may not modify my free printables in any way
  3. You may not claim my free printables as your own, or share them without giving me proper credit with a link back to the original source; you may share photos of you using them on social media, but again you may not claim them as your own
  4. You may not share my digital or physical files with anyone. You may send them a link to the original article so that they may download them for themselves, but you cannot share the files, or physical copies from my files

By downloading any of my free printables you agree to these terms of use.